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Review by Brandon Rowe on 12/13/2013

This would be the 2nd tube we have bought in the last 2 months... First one was a Ebay 50W blah blah, turned out it was not even a 20watt and we burned it out in 2 weeks. So bought this one a few days ago. Had it in and running in 20 mins and working like a champ. Slight different in Picture to Product but works all the same, All and all 5 star's, Good Product and word to the wise... Just because you can save $20 bucks on EBAY "Don't" Spend the money here with a Name/Band you can trust.

Upgrade for my Shenhui SH G350 eBay Laser

Review by Ian on 5/17/2015

Purchased one of these 45 Watt tubes and a suitable power supply to replace the spent tube in my 12 month old Shenhui machine. This tube is a bit longer than the 850mm original, but I knew it would fit once I'd removed the hatch in the case for this 1000mm tube. There is no way the original tube was 50 Watt. This Lightobject tube is so good compared to the old one - even when new, the old tube wasn't this powerful! It arrived in the UK within three days but customs caught the tube and the Power Supply package, so I had to pay two lots of UK customs charges - £80.00 (or $126.00)! Both items were very well packaged, and both are working beyond expectations. Many thanks for getting me laser cutting again!

This is what a 50w machine should be equipped with

Review by Richard on 7/9/2015

Perfect replacement tube for ebay 50w CO2 laser. It's what they should have put in the machine in the first place. Can't say enough good things about Marco and his expertise. My 502 laser is working better than ever using this tube.

Great product

Review by Kevin on 10/19/2016

I have used this tube in my machine for 12+ months running 5 days a week. Never have had a issue, still running strong. Just purchased a second tube for a new machine I am building. Lightobject has been great to work with.

Top notch!

Review by Sick Badging Technologies on 11/11/2017

Purchased this tube to upgrade my Full Spectrum Laser 20x12 H series machine. The install was very easy and the tube works like a dream! The tube shipped the same day the order was placed and a week later I’m back up and running better than my stock 40w tube did brand new. Packaging was absolutley perfect. I’ll def be ordering from light object again!

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