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Replacement tube for blue and white China laser

Review by Bill Nichols on 11/13/2017

I installed this tube in my "50" watt blue and white China laser about 2 weeks ago and it is working extremely well. I had already upgraded the power supply to a 40-60W unit and I had already made a 6" extension housing and tube supports. I am very pleased with the tube as it really brought this machine to life. The tube arrived quickly and was VERY well packed. Any future needs for my laser or CNC router will be from Lightobject!

Just bought another one. Great laser tube!

Review by Jeff on 12/13/2017

Mt previous review for this tube was for my K40. I've since gotten a Chinese 50W machine that clearly doesn't have a 50W tube. I bought another one of these and I'm very happy with the results. With a rating of 45W, this tube is significantly more powerful than the stock tube claiming 50W. It produces more power even at much lower mA. I've set my max power to be 12mA and that seems to be the sweet spot. The Chinese machine needs an extension to house the extra length of the tube just like the K40 does, however, the extension doesn't need to be as long.

Great replacement

Review by Brendan on 12/13/2017

I bought a second-hand FSL 5th Gen Hobby laser with a dying tube and needed a replacement (and an upgrade). This was cheaper than the 40W tube through FSL. Installation was pretty simple after popping out the FSL case's tub extension hole, and this thing's been rocking.

First Impressions

Review by Mike D on 3/15/2018

I have not yet powered this up, but it is clearly a superior laser tube. While you can get cheaper 45watt lasers, you get what you pay for. It came with power wires connected which was a nice surprise. It was clearly tested because it did have some water droplets in it. It included the test sheet showing the output power for a given current. The tube was also packaged very very well, double boxed with a lot of packing. Anyone looking to buy a laser tube or anything else laser related can't go wrong with LightObject. I have purchased other items from them and I have been very happy with everything.

Excellent tube

Review by Matt on 3/21/2018

This is a replacement for what was supposed to be a 60 watt (really an overpowered 50 watt) tube. I've now made a couple dozen passes with this tube and the results are great. I will absolutely buy from lightobject again. Very impressed.

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