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Buyer Beware

Review by corky on 6/1/2018

I ordered this to upgrade my laser from a 35w to 45w, the tube actually uses more power than a standard 45w and unless your powersupply is rated for higher than 45w I would recommend staying away. I had a lot of issues with trapped air on install as well but that is to be expected I suppose. Not my first laser was my first time ordering from LO and will definitely be my last. Reply(LO): First of all, this user know very little about a power supply and the laser tube. Most laser power supply rate 40W are capable to drive 50W without any issue. For a 45W laser tube, it only take 16mA while most 40W laser power supply can output as much as 20~22mA! Second, a higher output laser tube shouldn't be the reason that caused system halted. A laser tube doesn't draw more current because of higher output with the same current applied. It only means the tube is better and most people are happy to see higher output tube without paying an extra! We LightObject did that by providing better products without charging an extra! Anyway, system halted could be caused by poor grounding or bad connection on laser tube. Plus, controller card is easy to get interference without proper tube installation. He should be happy to get a higher output laser tube from us rather than complain. In fact, here is the fact: he used the tube over 3 months and then asked us to send him a new replacement. We declined it and then he asked for a big discount for a new purchase. We offered him $15 discount out of courtesy but he declined our offer. He threaded us for negative feedback. We suggested him to do more study before making 'nonsense' complain. We tried to educate him but he refused to take the true so we have no choice but to block him from making any purchase from us

First impressions. **Updated!! 2 yrs later

Review by Anthony on 10/25/2018

**Update: 2 years running and still powering through. This has been worth every penny. When this tube goes out, I will look at the 60W tube upgrade but Still driving strong. I never run the Tube over the recommended 16mA. But I have put many hours into this Tube. Recommend it to those who want to go from 40W to a true 50W type tube. I just put this tube into my "50 W Chinese Laser" to replace the supposed, not really 40W tube, that came with my unit. This thing is awesome. I upgraded my power supply a short time back with the 40-60W supply from Light Objects (as after 2 weeks of owning the machine it died. And with this tube, I am using way less power and running much faster compared to my old tube. Also I am finding my cooling water maintains it temperature much better, which my old tube warmed up my cooling water much faster. I looks like my running time will increase with less time for the down time for the system to cool down. I highly recommend this tube.

Co-owner Devine Lasting Impressions

Review by Cristopher farrell on 12/5/2018

This is the second time in 2 years that Light Object has rescued me. This time it was my tube that failed. My "Factory" 50 watt was actually a 40 watt being "Pushed" to higher output, therefore it failed early. These guys got me an "Honest" 45 watt tube that actually tested out to 57 watts!!! Running it at 16ma or less, this tube is giving me incredible performance at lower wattages and higher speeds. I'm able to cut thicker materials at 35 - 40% power, that I couldn't even cut before at 100%. Their friendly and helpful staff have once again got my business up and going in record time. I will be a customer for life.

45w laser tube

Review by Tim on 12/12/2018

this tube is replacing a supposedly 40w tube (more like 25-30). this new tube performs much better than my old tube. Light Object has always been great to work with. had the new tube installed and running in about an hour.

3 years and still working well

Review by Mike on 9/4/2019

UPDATE: We've been running this tube in our Makerspace laser cutter for 3 years now. It gets heavy use and is still going strong. Highly recommende. We will definitely buy this tube again.

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