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LO800 Well worth the money.

Review by James on 11/18/2016

Received package in only a few days. Has great simple instructions. Have used similar cooler so can not say if they are adequate for someone with no experience. Only issue is not being able to see the level line from the front. You have to leave your lines longer to be able to fill and check. Had to check my tube for the first week every time as it would put bubbles in the line at power on. But that has since stopped and I just take a glance to make sure the tube is clear.

Works well, convenient wheels

Review by Lincey V. Pepin on 6/14/2018

I chose this chiller for its convenience and value. I'm overall happy with my purchase and the customer service at Lightobject. My only disappointment is the pump makes an annoying background noise, which wasn't a problem on my cw-5000. Be ready to make your own alarm wire as it comes incomplete.

Good Chiller

Review by Wesley on 7/9/2018

This chiller arrived quickly and as advertised. It comes pre-programmed, meaning connect your tube to the chiller, fill it up and you're ready to use it. If adjustments are desired, the directions are pretty clear. I was unclear on how far to fill the unit up, because of the lack of a mark as indicated in the instructions. I also felt shipping was a little unfair, being I had lumped this unit with a tube. I left the review at 5 stars however, because shipping isn't related to the performance of the product.

Didn't meet expectations

Review by Katie on 8/28/2018

The manual doesn't match the chiller, looks like an old manual to a new product. There is NO water line indicator to see how much water you have in the machine. It did NOT come with the signal alarm wire to plug into the laser. Overall I'm completely lost and it's not ready to use straight out of the box.

800 W water chiller

Review by Daniel on 10/2/2018

I stopped by light object in Sacramento to purchase this chiller. They were extremely courteous and actually tested/demonstrated for me and showed me how to use the unit and program and connect it to my laser. They asked about my laser and what I use it for and were eager to hear my ideas and see some of what I have made. The chiller was easy to connect and is stable to within 0.2 degrees centigrade. Now I can cut my projects all day without worrying if my water is too hot and possibly damaging my tube. I highly recommend this chiller for anyone running a true 60W tube to increase the lifespan of your tube. Great product and outstanding sales support.

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