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My First

Review by Bill on 5/25/2017

I am a refrigeration service guy did commercial work for over 25 years and I was impressed by the quality. How did I see the inside? When it came the UPS people forgot about the This Side UP label and it was laying on its side and when it would not power up, I removed a cover and had to replace a loose wire. Did let it set 24 hours right side up before using. Filled with water, hooked it up and turned on, works fine and I did no adjustments! The price was right and it worked, thanks LO folks!

Not awesome - quality components but poor assembly and QC

Review by Chad on 6/28/2017

So no manual, but it's pretty self explanatory. Hooked it up, filled with distilled H2O, turned it on, worked great for about 3 minutes before I noticed the rapidly expanding puddle under the unit. I quickly disconnected it, plugged the hoses and ran the unit outside, where I tried to open the drain plug, but could not, because the cap was on tight but the port was not secured to the frame so it would just spin, twisting the silicone hose attached on the inside. Great... So my choices were send it back for replacement and be without a cooler for probably 7-10 days, or crack the case and see what the problem was (probably voiding the warranty) and fix it myself. It couldn't have been a simple hose had split or come off, water was pouring out around the temp sensor in the port at the bottom of the tank. What looked like white marshmallow spread that had been gooped around the sensor to waterproof the port was just disintegrating and falling off. I fixed it myself and now it works fine. Reply by LO: Hello, sorry for the trouble. FYI, we tested all our chillers before shipped. It looks like that it was a terrible job done by the FedEx carrier. BTW, we do have manual available through our Support Forum site. See http://www.lightobject.info/viewforum.php?f=94

600W Water Chiller

Review by jeff f on 12/29/2017

I'm using an upgraded 40W Chinese laser cutter. I was tired of rotating ice bags in a bucket of distilled water. This chiller is one of the least expensive units out there (and it's an actual refrigerated AC compressor type chiller). Be careful, some of the units out there are simply a radiator/fan type (no AC compressor). This unit is very well constructed and worked first time. The unit has more than one operating mode, I'm using the energy saving (factory default mode). The unit will pump water constantly but the chiller and system fan are off until the chiller kicks on. It cycles between 17 to 21c. Once it kicks on, it takes 15-30 seconds to start dropping the water temp from 21 back down to 17c. Then the compressor and fan turn off (but the water pump runs continuously). I mixed about a 70/30% water/anti-freeze solution. It works great, my laser power remains constant all the time. This unit works as advertised and is a great deal for my application. No More ICE!!

Works great

Review by Jim on 1/23/2018

Easy to set up and no issues so far. The instructions are straightforward as well. The only thing I miss is an external water level gauge, it is supposed to alarm on low water but it is not clear where "full" is.

Great value for the price

Review by Niles on 3/20/2018

Great product for the price. Instructions are hard to read due to translation and lack of detail, AND are written for a different model. Luckily it’s pretty much plug and play. Chiller does not have a level meter so it’s a little hard to know the right fluid level. Packaging was excellent quality with sufficient padding and even with a hole in the box upon arrival due to shipper handling the chiller was unharmed. It comes with Teflon tape for the fluid fittings. No leaks. Haven’t tried altering the programming but seems intuitive enough.

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