2 Phase 5.6A 1-Axis Stepping Motor Driver

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2-Phase Stepping Motor Driver. Ideal for CNC and Laser machines. High Current, Quality made, Low noise, and Affordable.


This controller was designed by ex- Leadshine engineers.


  • 20 t o50V DC Supply Voltage
  • H-Bridge, 2 Phase Bi-Polar Micro-Stepping Drive
  • Ideal for 2-Phase, 4,6, and 8 leads Step Motors
  • 50% current mode
  • Frequency Input support up to 200KHz
  • Up to 25,000 steps resolution


  • Current: Min 1.0A, Max 5.6A
  • Voltage: Min 20V Typical: 36V Max: 50V DC
  • Logic current: Min 7mA Typical: 10mA Max: 16mA
  • Input frequency: 0 to 200KHz
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