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Item #: LSR-HYB1390130W
Reg. Price: $16,500.00
Our Price: $13,500.00


LO-Titan is a Hybrid CO2 metal/ non-metal laser cutter

Basic information:
Power: 130W upgradable to 180W
Work area: 1300x900mm
DSP: Ruda hybrid controller
Laser head: water cooled
Cooling: Water cooled (chiller required)
Bed: blades
Gas assisted: Oxygen
Metal cut: Mild steel or Stainless steel (better result)
Capability: 1.5mm stainless steel and 2.0mm mild steel

Comparison vs. Fiber laser metal cutter:
     Pros: Low cost, easy maintenance, cut metal and non-metal, upgradable

     Cons: Slag, rough cutting edge, burn mark, precise focus pint required


Tech_Marco review: This machine is ideal for sign company who make simple art work without require perfect cutting finish. In other words,  slagging at the backside is accepatable. Bt the way, those slagging  can be cleaned up by using a tumbling machine. When using this hybrid machine, an image with sharp angle should be avoided when dealing with thin mild steel but works better with thicker metal sheet like 1.2 ~1.8mm. Stainless steel seems getting better result . The cutting edge and the top surface are are clean and smooth but the bottom is expecting slagging. Again, a tumbling machine will take care it well.  On the Pro side of having this machine is that it cost much less compare to 'Fiber laser' and  is easy maintenance.  Plus, it can handle non-metal materials such as acrylic, wood, leather,..etc which is a big plus compare to fiber laser that can handle solely on metal only.

You may send us drawing for test cut. For drawing over 4”, we may need to charge material cost.




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