CW-5200DH Water Chiller for CO2 Laser Machine (AC 110V 60Hz)

Retail Price: $650.00
Price: $595.00
  • SKUWC-SA5200DH

This is a Genuine S&A CW-5200DH water chiller especially for users of 130W-180W tubes. Chillers manufacture by S&A is known to provide simple operations and have long working life in their quality products.  This chiller comes with a standard water level gauge to provide you with a visual water level assist, in addition, there is precise temperature control and minute sensors to alert you of any problems with the flow of the water or high-level temperature change that can affect your tube. 


Model: CW-5200

Capacity: 6L 

Voltage: AC 1P 110V

Frequency: 60Hz

Current: .45-5.7A

NOM Cooling CAP: 1.61KW

Refrigerant: R-410a

Max. pump lift: 12M

Weight: 57.2lb

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