LightObject Q800 Water Chiller

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The LO-800 is ideal for a machine with a single 80W~130W tube. It can also be used part-time for a 150W peak power tube.


- 20% cooling performance improvement
- Integrated temperature controller installed
- Better temperature control +/- 0.5'C 

Environment-friendly refrigerant R134A
PID temperature controller
Compact design
Over-heat temperature and water flow alert

Warranty - 12-month limited warranty from date of purchase. 

Due to the weight of this product, it must be ordered individually and not combined with any other products.
water chiller manual can be downloaded here.


Cooling Power: 800W
BTU: 2,729Btu/h
Power consumption: 370
Input power: AC 110V, 60Hz
Full power current: 3.5A
refrigerant: R134A
Pump power: 30W
Pump lift (cut off) : 10m (33ft)
Pump flow rate: 19L/min, 300GPH
Inlet/Outlet size: 10mm
Ambient Temp: ≤35°C (95°F)
Chilled Water Temp. 18~30°C(64.4~86°F)
Water tank capacity: 7L
Weight: 24kg (52lb)
Dimensions: W405×D470×H480mm (16" x 18.5" x 19") note: depth measured from blue cap

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