3 Prong Interlock Connectors

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Safety Interlock Connectors (3 Prong)

Safety Interlock Connectors used on LightObject WaterChillers, the CW- Series water chillers, and the high precision rotary. 

Dimensions of the connector head:

Diameter: 1/2 inch or 13mm
Length: 1.5 or 37 mm

Dimensions of the port:

Diameter: 6 inches or 15.5mm


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Works perfectly

Review by Geno on 8/10/2018

Used in my CW-5000 chiller. This will save my laser tubes in the future. In the back of the chiller there is a place for this connector. You can run 2 of the pins to your laser cutter safety shut off switch (you must take a volt meter to see which two pins will work for you).

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