5X8 Silicon Flex Tube for Air Assistance or Water Cooling

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This is a 5mmx8mm silicon flex tube great for air-assisting a laser head.

With it's unique characteristic of being flexible, it's an excellent candidate to serve as an air or water host.

(Note: price is per foot and minimum order is 10 feet. No refund)


- Size: 5mm x 8mm
- Material: silicon
- Usage: HV protection jacket, water tubing, air tubing - Color: semi-transparent

Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 2 reviews )

High Quality Product

Review by Bud Wilkinson on 12/26/2017

Very High Quality Silicone Hose product. Perfect for my replacement needs.

Good quality

Review by Alfred on 12/10/2018

Works well for my air assist

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