8X12 Silicone Flex Tube for CO2 Water Cooling

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This is an 8mmx12mm silicone flex tube that is ideal for CO2 laser cooling. 

Works great for most CO2 laser tubes. The tube is strong and flexible. 

(Note: Price is per foot and the minimum order is 10 feet. No refund)

- Size: 8mm x 12mm (inner:8mm, outer: 12mm) 5/16" x 1/2"
- Material: silicone 
- Color: semi-transparent



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silicone tube

Review by walter hofmann on 10/16/2016

the product it self is excellent but for the cooling water connection of the laser tube its a bit big the next lower number 6x9 is a better match, because you need strip ties or it will leak the 6x9 can be stretch and has not problem with leaking

Great Replacement Tubing for CCLs!

Review by Sean Harrington on 10/25/2016

This tubing replaced the inferior water cooling tubing that shipped with the original CCL (cheap chinese laser). The interior and exterior measurements were EXACTLY as specified. I had purchased tubing from a different vendor that was about 1mm larger on both inner and outer dimensions. This tubing was VERY flexible and was easy to work with when I had to run it through the chassis of the machine. My only complaint was that the tubing was shipped with clear packing tape holding the tubing together. The residue from the tape was hard to remove without using a solvent (Goo Gone). A wire tie wrap or Zip tie would have been better.

Good quality tubing for 60W tube and chiller

Review by James Barber on 12/14/2016

I just re-plumbed my 60W laser with this tubing and was pleasantly surprised with the quality. The walls are thicker than that offered by other suppliers, so the tubing is less inclined to kink in a bend and will no doubt last longer.

High Quality Product

Review by Bud Wilkinson on 12/26/2017

Very High Quality Silicone Hose product. Perfect for my replacement needs.


Review by Carlos on 9/4/2018

High quality

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