Water-flow Sensor/ Counter (2mm)

Price: $6.50
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Water flow sensor/ counter

Power: DC3-24V (Red+ Black-)
Output: DC5V 50% square pulse (yellow)
Working Temp: -20 to 100'C
PSI: 1.75MPA (max)
Intake/outlet: 6mm

Pulse Frequency (Hz) = 40*Q +/- 2% where Q = water flow (L/min)
Q(water flow)= Frequency/40.
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Sweet little device

Review by John Taylor on 10/7/2013

I was going to build a flow meter for my laser and then I saw these while looking for lenses. For $6.50, I couldn't resist even if they turned out to be cheesy. I was pleasantly surprised to see how well they were designed and even more so after running a low flow frequency/flow rate test: At 0.316L/M the frequency out is 10.15hz with a very uniform square wave output. The spec calculates out to 12.6Hz which for, the low flow rate and the expected bypass flow is well within expectations. I don't see any problem calibrating these devices with some MCU processing to give me an output directly in L/M, better than the +/-2% limit specified in the product description. What a bargain, and sop much easier than rolling my own and by the way, the 38.1mm FL lens I picked up was great too!

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