Water flow/ pressure sensor. Ideal for CO2 laser water protection

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This is a pressure type water sensor that detects whether water is flowing or not. It is a simple device but works well. The triggering pressure is adjustable by turning a knob.

The device is ideal for water flow detection in CO2 laser machines. Once water is flowing through a "T" connector, the normally open contact becomes a closed contact. It comes with a free "T" connector.


T connector outer diameter: 10mm

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not sensitive enough

Review by James on 8/29/2015

even on lowest setting does not detect water flow on most pumps

ReplyFromLO: What pumps did you use? We tested it with our smaller pump "3.8L" and it worked good. May be you have a defect device instead. If so, you should contact us for exchange. We sold over 300x units and never received a complain of not being able to work.

Just what I needed

Review by Thomas on 9/23/2015

I needed a replacement for a check valve style flow sensor that had started leaking (BSP does not mate well with NPT). While not a flow but a pressure switch, this one works well. It mates with my existing hoses using the barbed tee and zip ties. It allows much more coolant flow than the previous sensor, putting less stress on the pump while also keeping the tube cooler. The only down side is the water port on the sensor itself is not barbed, it is straight. Not a big deal but I would have been more comfortable with a more secure connection.

Won't Open...

Review by Scott on 1/17/2016

The pump easily triggers it and it clicks and has continuity but when i unplug the pump the switch never opens. I can push down on the switch plunger to reset it and the pump will again close it but it never returns to open when the pump is shut off so it will never indicate a flow failure! Reply by LO: Did you know that you can adjust the sensitivity pressure by adjusting the screw? If it is not functioning well, please contact our support for a replacement.

Water flow/ pressure sensor

Review by Jason on 2/12/2016

using with 8.3L/min (130GPH) Small DC12V Brushless Submersible Water/ oil Pump (purchased here) and it works flawlessly.

Acts like a Momtary switch

Review by Roy on 10/20/2016

Product is well made but final testing before stocking poor. If there were some inspection before stocking the problem would have been found. The switch acts like a momentary switch. at any setting of the dial or water pressure. Contact Lightobject and asked if I could open it up to repair and found that one of the terminals was loose. Tight as much as I could and then working fine. But have no faith in it.

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