Water flow sensor (pressure type)
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This is a pressure type water sensor that used to detect whether water is flowing or not. It is a simple device but works well. The water pressure is adjustable by turning a knob.

The device is ideal for water detector in CO2 laser machine. Once water is flowing through a "T" connector, the normally opened contact become a 'closed' contact. It comes with a free "T" connector


T connector outer diameter: 10mm


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by Fred
on 1/16/2019
Works perfectly
Exactly what I needed to protect my laser tube. Pressure adjustable, tested with ohm meter and by function. Shut off pump, laser stopped firing. Great product and support!
by Tako
on 3/2/2018
Is my sensor somehow reversed?
Is that possible? Mine seems to be a NC contact. It's closed when to pressure exists and the moment I turn on my pump and water starts flowing it closes! That's of course exactly the opposite of what it needs to be. Is it possible I somehow got a wrong one?
by LBaird
on 11/29/2016
I recieved my LSR-H2OPRSNR but would like to know how many amps/volts I can use on it.
by Roy
on 10/20/2016
Acts like a Momtary switch
Product is well made but final testing before stocking poor. If there were some inspection before stocking the problem would have been found. The switch acts like a momentary switch. at any setting of the dial or water pressure. Contact Lightobject and asked if I could open it up to repair and found that one of the terminals was loose. Tight as much as I could and then working fine. But have no faith in it.
by Jason
on 2/12/2016
Water flow/ pressure sensor
using with 8.3L/min (130GPH) Small DC12V Brushless Submersible Water/ oil Pump (purchased here) and it works flawlessly.
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