14L/m (220GPH) Small DC24V Straight-through Brushless Submersible Water Pump

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  • SKUEWP-381324V
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This is a special straight-through DC submersible water pump with moderate pressure output. It can be used submersible or it can run dry as long as water is flowing. It's built by a brushless motor so that it's more quiet and last longer than a non-brushless water pump. Plus,it will not generate any 'electric spark' (noise) like a brush type motor does.


Power: DC24V
Output: 14L/m (220GPH) @12V
Vertical cut off: 5m (16ft)
Pressure: 7.25psi
Current: 1.1A@24V
Intake: 14mm/20.5mm Dia.
Outlet: 14mm/20.5mm Dia.
Self-Prime: No
Life span: > 20,000hrs @ 1600rpm~10,000rpm
Noise: << 40dB
Fluid temp: 65'C (not submersed)
Envir Temp: <40'C
Size(L*W*D): 4.64"x 2.0"x 2.0" (116mm X 50mm X 50mm)
Weight (net): 9.0oz


Do not let it run dry without water flowing. To those who want to use it with a solar power battery, please make sure to install a 24V regulator as the output from a solar panel higher than 24V (as high as 36V) . Warranty will not cover the damage!

How to use:
-Submerse or Inline
-With Solar panel

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great pumps!!!

Review by Anthony on 5/24/2012

i have these pumps for a few weeks now and i love them they great little pumps for pc watercooling....decent head pressure and nice flow. I recommend this pump, support small companies :)

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