3.6L/min Mini DC Brushless Submersible Water Pump

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  • SKUEWP-DC30A1230
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This is a quality made mini submersible water pump. It can be inlined or submersed for water pumping. It's built by a brushless motor to provide a smoother and quieter operation than a brush water pump. Also, it will not generate an 'electric spark' like what a brush type does, so it's safer (no gasoline*).


Power: DC12V
Output: 3.6L/m or 57GPH @12V
Vertical lift: 3m (10ft) cut off
Current: 350mA@12V
Intake: 6mm ID/8.7mm OD Dia.
Outlet: 5.3 mm ID/8.5mm OD Dia.
Life span: > 20,000hrs @ 1600rpm~4200rpm
Noise: << 35dB
Working Temp: 60'C (non-submersed)
Size(L*W*D): 2.0"x1.7"x1.36" (52mm X 42.7mm X 34mm)
Weight (net): 3.0oz

Two leads Wire: 18"(457mm) long

Warning: Do not let it run dry without water flow!

Suggetions for
Inlet and outlet tubing:

8x12 Silicon Flex Tube for CO2 Water Cooling

6x9 Silicon Flex Tube High voltage Protection Jacket

How to use:
-Submerse or Inline
-With Solar panel

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Review by Thea Quain on 10/19/2017

This pump does exactly what the specs say. The shipping cost was reasonable and it was shipped the same day so that we had it before it was expected. Thank you. Great company to work with.

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