7L/Min mini DC Water Pump. Ideal for CPU Cooling

Price: $6.95
  • SKUEWP-7L9
246 units available
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Power: DC 6V~9V
Current: 2A @6V
Rate: 7L per min or 110GPH (max @ 12v). 4.5L/M or 65GPH @6V
Intake/Outlet: 8.6mm ID and 12mm OD
Cut off: 1.5M (5ft) or 2.16psi
Self prime: No.
Water feed: Prime or by gravity
Motor type: Brush
Submersible: No
Overall size: 30mm x 78.3mm
Note: Do not use 12V for over 15 minutes, it'll get very hot!
Warning: Do not let it run dry without water. Use gravity to feed water inline.

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