High speed PR430 400*300 XY gantry DIY kit

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High speed P430 X-Y Stages will bring you another level of joy for doing laser engraving or cutting work. You will enjoy seeing the fast movement with high accuracy positioning that other brand laser machine cannot compete with. It is great for hobbyist or for someone who is serious to build a commercial quality laser machine but with low budget, this is the right choice.


We provide a warranty to cover any defective parts within 2 years of your purchase! 

Kit major part summary :
- 5x 2" anodized aluminum base bars
- 1x "X" slider & 2x "Y" slider
- 2:1 reduction gear box for Y
- 2x Nema 17 stepping motor
- 1x laser head fits 19mm mirror and 15mm focus lens
- 2x mirror mounts for 19mm dai.mirror
- 2x laser tube mounts (55mm)
- 2x 3-band axial coupling
- 1x "X" slider track
- 2x "Y" slider track
- 2x stainless steel Y axial



-Working area: 400mm x 300mm (15.75" x 11.8")

-Overall outer dimension: 27" x 25" x 7"
-Color varies
-Speed: X: 1500mm/s, Y: 500mm/s (with microstepping set to 3200)




1) Laser tube or optics are not included. Picture is for reference only.

2) Limit switches for X & Y is not included.

International customers: please contact us to use USPS international shipment.

YouTube demo

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What driver do you recomend for the motors?

Review by allan on 7/18/2016

What driver do you recomend for the motors?

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